10 top resources for craft businesses

Although this blog has so far mostly been full of pictures of the pretty things in life, we are in the process of setting up our own craft business and thought we would share some of the useful resources we’ve found with you. These tips are obviously great for people setting up a new business but I guess they are also a useful tool for established businesses to act as a reminder or check list of what you should be doing.

1. Craftbusiness Ten tips from Rory Gear, an expert in setting up and running new businesses.

2. Startacraftbusiness Chock chock chock full of useful information specifically aimed at setting up a craft business. We particularly like this page about promoting your business online.

3. Craftscouncil This is a useful FAQ page from the Crafts Council; the “national development agency for contemporary craft”.

4. Craftsforum A forum full of friendly, knowledgeable people answering all sorts of questions about setting up a craft business… they’ve been there and done it themselves.

5. Craftytips Some useful tips and information about using Facebook to boost your craft business.

6. Brightoncraftaganza A personal story of setting up a website for a new craft business.

7. HMRevenue&Customs For the more scary bits; how to register your new craft business for tax and national insurance purposes. It might seem scary but its very important and the site is very easy to use.

8. Etsy If you decide that you want to use Etsy to sell your lovingly handmade items and not have to worry about setting up your own website, this page has the information you need.

9. Craftbusinesstips A fun, useful A-Z of tips for setting up a craft business.

and last but by no means least…

10. Clairescrafts One mum’s inspiring story of setting up her own craft business.

I hope some of these sites will be useful to you, they’ve sure helped us on our journey so far.

In other Home Stitched Home news, we had another little business meeting tonight over a cuppa and played with yet more buttons; I promise that this isn’t all we do! We also made further decisions on our packaging, all I’ll say is hot pink twine… its beautiful!

Thanks for reading

Louise x