A whole new world!

Exciting or scary, exciting or scary….hmm, exciting; this big old world of blogging which is brand spanking and shiny new to us, definitely seems exciting!

Anyway; where are our manners, let us introduce ourselves and let you know what you can expect from us. We are two sisters; Louise and Rowenna from the beautiful Cotswolds in the South West of England, who quite simply have a passion for all things handmade and pretty! We’ve both been sewing, crocheting, appliquéing and stitching all manner of beautiful things for our homes in our spare time and have now decided to help others to do the same.

This blog will be coming with us on our journey from the setting up of our little business venture, through to our first sale; with all manner of pretty things inbetween, and we cannot wait to get started and share it with you all.

So for now, thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with an update

Louise & Rowenna



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