Its official… we’ve made a decision!!

So, after a couple of ‘business meetings’; aka drinking tea, playing with fabrics and brown paper bags with a bit of business talk thrown in for good measure; we’ve decided that a dedicated shop website is not for us at the moment. Neither of us have any experience of building a site, nor want to fork out yet for a website designer to do it for us so we’re channeling our inner social-networking goddesses and selling through a Facebook business page. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this in the first place, well I do… we had big dreams, but we’re now being realistic and taking baby steps, building up to our own online shop in time.

So that was tonights decision, well one decision anyway; the other was the packaging we’re going to use and oh my goodness that was a much more exciting decision to make! We played around with our brown paper bags and bits of ribbon and twine, its lovely how such simple, modest items made us so happy; it felt like being a child again!

Talking of feeling like a child, we also emptied out my button tin so we could play with the buttons while we were talking! It reminded us of playing with Mum and Grandma’s button tins when we were younger, and like both of them mine are kept in an old Golden Syrup tin!

Other recent (more boring, but essential) decisions have been to register with HMRC as a Partnership and to decide on a business bank account. They felt like mildly exciting decisions at the time because that really was the ‘proper’ beginnings of Home Stitched Home, and I guess they are important business decisions but they’re not the most thrilling ones to write about or read so i’ll leave them there!

I guess the biggest decision we made tonight, and it was just as Rowenna was leaving my house, was to buy some supplies next week and start making up the kits themselves ready to put them on Facebook. This is hugely exhilarating but we didn’t really celebrate making this decision, we just said our goodbyes as it is getting late, this is why I thought I would quickly pen this post to shout loudly from the online rooftops….

“We are buying lots of pretty fabrics next week and putting together some of our Home Stitched Home Sewing Kits ready to sell, our little business will be up and running and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Im so excited!”

There, that feels better! Hopefully the funny buzzing feeling I’ve got inside will quieten down and let me get some beauty sleep!

Thanks for indulging me

Louise x