Tips for photographing your products

When selling online, it is so important to have great photos of your products as this is all that the potential customer has to go on. They can’t physically touch your product so having clear, well lit photos with a good close up is vital if you want that customer to make a purchase.

This is all great in theory, and I thought that I would be fine as I’ve always loved playing around with my camera, but my goodness; its harder than you think! We’ve put photos of our sewing kits up on Etsy but neither of us are thrilled with them, they just don’t do our lovely little kits justice. With this in mind, I’ve scoured the internet for tips on how to take the best photographs and I’ve listed them here to help in the hope that they’ll be able to help others!

First up are some very helpful tips from Mike on It focuses on taking great photos for your Etsy shop and covers the macro setting on your camera, using props and backgrounds, and how to get the best lighting

Next, Nicole from Making It Lovely, found here, talks us through taking a photo against a white background. She also shows how using photo editing software, like Photoshop, can transform your image.

And lastly for now, Ashley at Make it and Love it, found here, gives us her tips on using your camera and a piece of white poster board, along with a few different angles to get gorgeous photos of your product.

Well, thats my weekend sorted then, I will be playing with my camera and trying to get some perfect photos of our sewing kits, to really show them off! I hope these tips have helped you too.

Louise x


Our Etsy shop is open for business!

So, the big day has finally arrived…..

this evening we clicked the link to open our Etsy shop!

Ta Dah!!

  The first sewing kit up for sale is the Hanging Heart kit. This kit contains everything you need to make this pretty little heart. All you need is a pair of scissors, some time and a bit of creative energy!

We hope you’ll pay our shop a little visit soon to have a look at these kits and all the other gorgeous kits we’ll be adding soon. Next to be listed is a kit to make some beautiful bunting.

Happy sewing!

Louise and Rowenna